At Kallies Panelbeaters we really care about people and cars. We have been passionate about satisfying customers through meticulously restoring damaged vehicles, for more than two decades.

We believe every satisfied customer contributes to our success and therefore it is vital that all our customers receive only the best quality and service to ensure their satisfaction.

Kallies Panelbeaters Upington | Car Accident Panelbeaters
Kallies Panelbeaters Upington | Car Accident Panelbeaters
Kallies Panelbeaters Upington | Car Accident Panelbeaters
Kallies Panelbeaters Upington | Car Accident Panelbeaters

Kallies Panelbeaters have been building a reputation for great service and workmanship in the auto body repair industry, since 1992. The workshop moved to Upington and opened the doors again on June 2012 for the public, and has since continued successfully building the Kallies Panelbeaters brand on the values that they have become known for.

Kallie Beyleveldt is not the typical business owner who directs the business remotely and relies wholly on his management staff, but rather play an active, hands-on-role in the business. He ensures that every Kallies – no matter how large or small the work – is a satisfied customer. This attention to detail has in no small part contributed to Kallies Panelbeaters becoming a CSI award winning industry leader.

The Kallies’ Difference

The reason behind the award-winning service excellence of Kallies Panelbeaters is the fact that we do things differently.

The following elements make up the Kallies Difference:


Excellent quality is achieved by adhering to our mission of always improving on our own best.

  • Our workshop utilises the latest andvanced repair technology.
  • Our guarenteed workmanship on bodywork and paintwork is carried out by experienced staff and is of the highest possible standard.

Our friendly and efficient staff will treat you like our most important customer, which we believe you are. They will guide you through the whole process of repair and consistently manage your expectations to avoid unnecessary shocks to the client.

We are located in the industrial area in Upington and have a driver available to conveniently transport customers to and from our premises within a reasonable distance.

There for you 24 hours a day:

We offer 24 hour insurer approved towing service for our clients to ensure that their vehicle is taken care of. This service saves you the hassle of having to deal with unscrupulous brake-down services and guarantees you that your vehicle wil be handledby professional.

Peace of mind

When you bring your vehicle to us, we take care of everything that is needed to restore it to its former glory. You can have peace of mnind due to the following reasons:

The excellent quality, service and convenience offered by Kallies Panelbeaters, as already mentioned, is backed by our warranties on both our paints and our workmanship.

Our manufacturer approvals mean that you can rest assured that the factory warranty on your vehicle, where applicable, will be unaffected by repairs carried by us. Our insurer approvals mean that we are able to perform satisfactory repairs on insurance claims from most insurance companies.

Our Staff

Kallies Panelbeaters Upington | Car Accident Panelbeaters

We take pride in the workmanship we provide

Kallies Panelbeaters take pride in its superior quality products and workmanship and offers industry leading guarantees on both.

We are factory approved auto body repairers for most major motor manufacturers, by whom we are audited annually. This ensures the relevant factory warranty on your vehicle remains intact.

We are always ready to attend to all your coachwork needs and we look forward to meet your expectations.

We are Approved Auto Body Repairers of

Insurance companies that we work with:

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